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Hard adverb – With feelings of bitterness or grief.
Usage example: took the news of their grandfather's death hard

Severely is a synonym for hard in forcefully topic. In some cases you can use "Severely" instead an adverb "Hard", when it comes to topics like with difficulty, with great force. popular alternative
Nearby Words: harden, hardship, hardy, hardly, hardness
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Severely adverb – In a manner so as to cause loss or suffering.
Usage example: the building was severely damaged by the explosion

Hard is a synonym for severely in property topic. You can use "Hard" instead the word "Severely" as an adverb or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as harshly, seriously. popular alternative
Nearby Words: severe, severity
Synonyms for Severely

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  • Some of which would be severely detrimential for civil peace, let alone make keeping this tradition alive very hard.
  • Series / M*A*S*H In "The Incubator", following a hard night of partying, a severely hung over Hawkeye tells Radar, "There were no survivors".
  • However, it's hard to blame Xolotl for this, as his memories were severely altered as a result of his transformation.
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