Hard and Stiff


Hard adjective - Requiring considerable physical or mental effort.
Usage example: a hard exam to pass

Stiff is a synonym for hard in firm topic. In some cases you can use "Stiff" instead the word "Hard" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like tough, unrelenting, alcoholic, rocklike. popular alternative

Nearby Words: harden, hardship, hardy, hardly, hardness


Stiff adjective - Incapable of or highly resistant to bending.
Usage example: use a stiff piece of paper for the project

Hard is a synonym for stiff in difficult topic. You can use "Hard" instead an adjective "Stiff", if it concerns topics such as severe, property, inflexible, rigid. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Novel / Princess Evangile Not What It Looks Like: Hearing Rise talk about how stiff and hard Masaya is, Tamie bursts into the room fully expecting her to be giving him a handjob.
  • Useful Notes / European Swordsmanship The blade had a thick spine so that it wouldn't flex easily and was often of a hard temper so that it could be both narrow and stiff.
  • Webcomic / O Human Star And the competition for your job wasn't exactly stiff.Brendan: I find that hard to believe.Al: *shocked silence* Also:Brendan: You can sleep in my bed.
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