Harsh and Kind


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Harsh adjective – Given to exacting standards of discipline and self-restraint.
Usage example: a harsh judge when it comes to drug users and especially drug dealers

Kind is an antonym for harsh in topics: hard, rough, nasty.
Nearby Words: harshness, harshly
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Kind adjective – Having or marked by sympathy and consideration for others.
Usage example: a kind person who regularly volunteers at the homeless shelter

Harsh is an antonym for kind in topics: considerate, generous.
Nearby Words: kindly, kindness, kindliness
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Similar words of harsh
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Similar words of kind
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Things that words describes

person harsh person kind person
manner harsh manner kind manner
master harsh master kind master
treatment harsh treatment kind treatment
Other nouns: nature, way, example, personality, words, teacher, side, demeanor.

Both words in one sentence

  • Flanderization Alternately, they become kind to a fault and evolve into an Extreme Doormat that is unable to be harsh whatsoever.
  • Literature / The Left Hand of Darkness Like in the Medieval Stasis example, it's discussed if it's the harsh weather, or the lack of male-female — the most primal kind of "us versus them" — distinction.
  • The harsh Israeli response garnered the attention of the global press, and got the Palestinians the kind of attention and recognition that they had never had before.
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