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Harsh adjective – Difficult to endure.
Usage example: harsh conditions in the refugee camp

Strict is a synonym for harsh in cruel topic. In some cases you can use "Strict" instead an adjective "Harsh", when it comes to topics like easy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: harshness, harshly
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Strict adjective – Given to exacting standards of discipline and self-restraint.
Usage example: that piano teacher is notoriously strict, but students make great strides under her tutelage

Harsh is a synonym for strict in severe topic. You can use "Harsh" instead an adjective "Strict", if it concerns topics such as stern, characteristic, stringent, easy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: strictly, strictness
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Things that words describes

life harsh life strict life
training harsh training strict training
system harsh system strict system
example harsh example strict example
Other nouns: personality, rule, teacher, discipline, version, terms, demeanor, conditions, rules, upbringing, disciplinarian, methods, measures, laws, policies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tiger wanted to toughen his brother up so often acted strict and harsh towards him.
  • Law's flaws are that the rules are too strict and harsh, and that anybody who doesn't obey the rules must be eliminated.
  • King George V in The King's Speech is strict and harsh to his younger son Albert who has a speech impediment, especially when he was younger where George was a bit of a Jerk Ass towards him.
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