Hate and Like


Hate noun - Something or someone that is hated.
Usage example: the Alaska pipeline is a pet hate of environmentalists

Like is an antonym for hate in topics: detest, dislike, extreme dislike, dislike very strongly.

Nearby Words: hateful, hated, hating, hatefully, hater


Like verb - To show partiality toward.
Usage example: I like romantic comedies more than action movies

Hate is an antonym for like in topics: enjoy, admire, choose.

Nearby Words: likely, likeness, liking, liked, likeable

How words are described

human human hate human like
old old hate old like
good good hate good like
special special hate special like
Other adjectives: total, actual, real, large, serious, sexual, personal, less.

Common collocations

character hate character like character
guy hate guy like guy
people hate people like people
idea hate idea like idea
Other words: men, name, show, way, bit, music, father, humans, women.

Both words in one sentence

  • Relationship Values Every character in Doki-Doki Universe has a meter that tells you how much they like or hate you, which you can influence by summoning things they like or hate, or by picking them up and throwing them around.
  • Web Original / Protectors of the Plot Continuum The missions also tend to be riddled with references to other canons the authors like or hate.
  • Manga / Gakuen Babysitters Insane Troll Logic: Taka has a rather comedic one in chapter six.Kamitani: It's not really like or hate when it comes to you.Not like or hate—not like—hateTaka: I HATE YOU TOO!
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