Hate and Value


Hate verb - To dislike strongly.

Value is an antonym for hate.

Nearby Words: hateful, hated, hating, hatefully, hater


Value verb - To hold dear.
Usage example: a nation that values individualism and self-reliance

Hate is an antonym for value in advantage topic.

How words are described

emotional emotional hate emotional value
human human hate human value
good good hate good value
special special hate special value
Other adjectives: total, true, single, sheer, actual, real, extreme, great, inherent, personal, general, less, historical.

Common collocations

person hate person value person
humanity hate humanity value humanity
life hate life value life
work hate work value work
Other words: people, children, family, time, fact, way, humans, women.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Miss Management He-Man Woman Hater: Duncan seems to have shades of this; he doesn't outright hate the female workers, but he does tend to value the opinions of the male workers more.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel Then again, it was never the fans that were responsible for Hassan's firing; between his memetic value and the fact that he was one of the WWE's best heels at the time, fans loved to hate him.
  • Film / Kayfabe: A Fake Real Movie About A Fake Real Sport Out of the ring, Justice wants to be recognized more while Tyler recognizes the value of having the audience hate the current champion and cheer for them to be deposed.
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