Hatred and Like


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Hatred noun – A very strong dislike.
Like is an antonym for hatred in severe dislike topic.
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Like noun – Positive regard for something.
Usage example: she thought her new boyfriend was unusually interested in her likes and dislikes

Hatred is an antonym for like.
Nearby Words: likely, likeness, liking, liked, likeable
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Similar words of hatred
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Similar words of like
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How words are described

human human hatred human like
special special hatred special like
similar similar hatred similar like
real real hatred real like
Other adjectives: serious, personal.

Both words in one sentence

  • Doesn't Like Guns Christopher Walken has an intense hatred of handguns, so much that he doesn't even like holding them.
  • The hatred is extended to many like the beast modes, colonists, Camiens, and even to dissident factions like the Decepticons.
  • Creator / Doug Walker The amount of effort and hatred that was being put into those comments, no amount of effort or hatred should be put into something like this.
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