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Head noun – The highest part or point.
Usage example: stood at the head of the stairs and looked down

Peak is a synonym for head in position topic. In some cases you can use "Peak" instead the word "Head" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like top, top part.
Nearby Words: heading, headland, headship, headband, headed
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Peak noun – The highest part or point.
Usage example: a pop singer at the peak of her career

Head is a synonym for peak in position topic. Sometimes you can use "Head" instead the word "Peak" as a noun or an adjective.
Nearby Words: peaked, peaky, peaking
Synonyms for Peak

How words are described

current current head current peak
original original head original peak
true true head true peak
top top head top peak
Other adjectives: small, actual, large, blue, black, lower, new, next, smaller, last, red, pointy.

Things that words describes

times head times peak times

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Shin Mazinger Later, when the confusion hits its peak and Boss and Brocken's own soldiers are playing soccer with Brocken's head...Count Brocken: I AM A TRAGIC CHARACTER!
  • Short Hair with Tail Ukrainian Cossack chupryna/khokhol is not too dissimiliar to the aforementioned queue, although the remaining hair is usually on the peak of the head & not braided.
  • Butt Monkey / Anime and Manga It comes to a peak at episode 10, where the poor guy gets kicked in the face, his head slammed into the floor multiple times, and comboed.
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