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Heartbroken adjective – Feeling unhappiness.
Usage example: not as heartbroken over missing out on the trip to New York as I thought she would be

Sad is a synonym for heartbroken in upset topic. In some cases you can use "Sad" instead an adjective "Heartbroken", when it comes to topics like melancholy, unhappy, despondent.
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Sad adjective – Feeling unhappiness.
Usage example: movies in which the hero dies always make us feel sad

Heartbroken is a synonym for sad in unhappy topic. You can use "Heartbroken" instead an adjective "Sad", if it concerns topics such as despondent.
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Things that words describes

girl heartbroken girl sad girl
woman heartbroken woman sad woman
boy heartbroken boy sad boy
look heartbroken look sad look
Other nouns: ghost, kid, history, version, songs.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dramatic Unmask After three full films of build up as The Dreaded and a Fallen Hero, it's revealed that underneath all that was a sad and heartbroken crippled old man who gets one final moment with his son before his death.
  • Video Game / Tomodachi Life During "pity parties", Miis will tell humorous tales and jokes trying to cheer the sad Mii up, but the sad Mii never finds their tales funny and remains silend and heartbroken throughout all of it.
  • We Can Rule Together Both of them being very similar spirits in a lot of ways makes them somewhat sympathetic to each other and Pitch's offer is seemingly a sincere attempt at getting a friend he can relate to... The look on his face when Jack turns down the offer is actually quite sad and almost heartbroken.
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