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Heavy adjective – Causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest.
Usage example: the study of history doesn't have to be all about dull heavy reading and the memorization of dates

Tedious is a synonym for heavy in character trait topic. In some cases you can use "Tedious" instead an adjective "Heavy", when it comes to topics like difficult, dull, onerous.
Nearby Words: heave, heavyweight, heaviness, heaved, heavily
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Tedious adjective – Causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest.
Usage example: a long and tedious staff meeting

Heavy is a synonym for tedious in character trait topic. You can use "Heavy" instead an adjective "Tedious", if it concerns topics such as dull, boring.
Nearby Words: tedium, tediously
Synonyms for Tedious

Things that words describes

work heavy work tedious work
amount heavy amount tedious amount
elements heavy elements tedious elements

Both words in one sentence

  • Block Puzzle Blocks are usually heavy and so pushing or pulling them is a vexingly slow and tedious process.
    Source: Block Puzzle
  • Abridged Arena Array It's not quite as overplayed as some of the other maps above, though, due to being rather tedious (those safes are extremely heavy, and you need to carry them across a very large and very wide-open map, with only a slow and ungainly truck to make things quicker).
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