Help and Impede


Help verb - To provide (someone) with what is useful or necessary to achieve an end.
Usage example: offered to help her widowed father when he moved into an apartment

Impede is an antonym for help in aid topic.

Nearby Words: helpful, helped, helpless, helper, helping


Impede verb - To create difficulty for the work or activity of.
Usage example: the construction work impeded the smooth running of the office for several months

Help is an antonym for impede in topics: hinder, obstruct.

Nearby Words: impediment, impeding

Common collocations

party help party impede party
effort help effort impede effort
character help character impede character
life help life impede life
Other words: man, company, career, team, player, players.

Both words in one sentence

  • MANY voice and sound effects here that can help or impede you (which all players can hear regardless of team)...
  • Race Against the Clock In other cases, time itself is the foe with the help of some random coincidences that impede the hero's progress.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 has winds in some levels, but they're there to help you by pushing your clouds along rather than impede you.
    Source: Gusty Glade
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