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Help noun – An act or instance of helping.
Usage example: I could use your help getting this tire back on the car

Relief is a synonym for help in deed topic. In some cases you can use "Relief" instead a noun "Help", when it comes to topics like remedy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: helpful, helped, helpless, helper, helping
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Relief noun – A feeling of ease from grief or trouble.
Usage example: my coworkers' kind words gave me some relief from the grief that I was feeling upon the death of my partner

Help is a synonym for relief in aid topic. You can use "Help" instead a noun "Relief", if it concerns topics such as assistance, deed, health, remedy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: relieve, relieving
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How words are described

emotional emotional help emotional relief
good good help good relief
best best help best relief
genuine genuine help genuine relief
Other adjectives: sheer, massive, big, great, serious, huge, little, main, happy, less, minimal, limited, tremendous, competent, occasional, local.

Both words in one sentence

  • It can be said that Piper and other writers who have FTL travel but no FTL radio setups in their works often do so to justify why the protagonists must handle the issue at hand and can't just call back to base for help/relief/support from more qualified personnel.
  • Franchise / Masters of the Universe Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Orko is consistently the comedic relief, but there are times when he demonstrates skill and intelligence to help his friends.
  • Police Are Useless: There are two bumbling cops in the movie who are played for comic relief, and are of no help to the kids.
    Source: Film / Makdee
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