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Help noun – An act or instance of helping.
Value and help are semantically related In some cases you can use "Value" instead the word "Help" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: helpful, helped, helpless, helper, helping
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Value noun – The amount of money for which something will find a buyer.
Help and value are semantically related in aid topic. Sometimes you can use "Help" instead the word "Value" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as merit, advantage.
Nearby Words: valuing, valuable, valueless, valued, valuation
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How words are described

emotional emotional help emotional value
good good help good value
special special help special value
sheer sheer help sheer value
Other adjectives: actual, real, great, little, main, personal, practical, possible, less, limited, military, extra, additional, significant, tremendous, random.

Common collocations

humanity help humanity value humanity
life help life value life
people help people value people
children help children value children
Other nouns: family, time, fact, way, brother, humans, friends.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Earth Maiden Arjuna It doesn't help that when she actually takes his statements at face value, he gets mad at her.
  • This allowed for a robot to kill humans or value its own existence above that of a human if it would help all of humanity.
  • Arch Enemy / Video Games From Final Fantasy IX is Zidane who's motto is to help anyone who needs it and his brother Kuja who is unable to see the value of anything but himself.
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