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Henchman noun – Someone who assists in a plot.
Master is an antonym for henchman in follower topic.
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Master noun – A person with a high level of knowledge or skill in a field.
Henchman is an antonym for master.
Nearby Words: mastery, masterly, masterful, mastered, masterfully
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Similar words of master
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How words are described

good good henchman good master
female female henchman female master
best best henchman best master
dead dead henchman dead master
Other adjectives: powerful, evil, bad, main, rogue, new, deceased, former, mysterious, last, competent, different, strongest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Just For Fun / Dexter And Monkey Master It follows the adventures of Dexter the Head Alien, a megalomaniac dictator from a distant world, and his beleaguered robotic henchman Monkey Master.
  • Knife Outline In The King and I, Master Little, the "Big Bad"'s comical henchman/assistant, attempts to let Anna's son have an 'accident' in the royal armory, and (naturally) fails spectacularly.
    Source: Knife Outline
  • Jaken, Sesshomaru's henchman from InuYasha, started out as a sadistic and very competent evil sidekick who occasionally wound up the butt of humor at his expense, and later on became a goofy weak klutz who often messed up his master's plans.
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