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Hidden adjective – Screened or sequestered from view.
Usage example: a hidden beach that very few know how to get to

Secret is a synonym for hidden in concealed topic. In some cases you can use "Secret" instead the word "Hidden" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like property, show, cryptic, mysterious. popular alternative
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Secret adjective – Undertaken or done so as to escape being observed or known by others.
Usage example: a secret operation to rescue captive soldiers behind enemy lines

Hidden is a synonym for secret in participle topic. You can use "Hidden" instead an adjective "Secret", if it concerns topics such as property, show, cryptic, secluded. popular alternative
Nearby Words: secretive, secrecy, secreted, secretly, secretary
Synonyms for Secret

Things that words describes

area hidden area secret area
passage hidden passage secret passage
base hidden base secret base
room hidden room secret room
Other nouns: chamber, characters, level, dungeon, empire, entrance, passageway, lair, boss, rooms, message, ending, stash, items, city, messages, powers, weapons, doors, levels, areas, passages.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bookcase Passage It doesn't have to involve books; it could be any kind of hidden or secret passage with a disguised door.
  • Video Game / Half-Minute Hero The secret/hidden mission "The Two Goddesses" changes the "Hero 30" logo to 'Valhalla Knights 30', and the enemy in this mission is not a Dark Lord but the other game's Goddess of Judgment.
  • Black Site A secret one, built in secret and hidden somehow to keep it secret, which, despite it's secrecy, is somehow known to be named "Base 211" by conspiracy theorists.
    Source: Black Site
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