Hidden and Visible


Hidden adjective - Screened or sequestered from view.
Usage example: a hidden beach that very few know how to get to

Visible is an antonym for hidden in unseen topic.


Visible adjective - Capable of being seen.
Usage example: the visible light spectrum runs from red to violet

Hidden is an antonym for visible in topics: participle, apparent.

Nearby Words: vision, visibly, visibility

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Super Mario RPG In fact, a lot of rooms before the bosses have a chest, hidden or visible, with a Mushroom inside to fully restore your stats.
  • Video Game / Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire The rooms of the Trick House north of Slateport City cannot be revisited once they have been completed, resulting in the possibility of some items (visible and hidden) being missed forever.
  • Video Game / Thief There are really few things as satisfying as being able to sneak through an entire mission stealthily, grabbing all the visible and hidden loot, and not getting seen or otherwise detected by anyone.
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