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Hide verb – To put into a hiding place.
Instance is an antonym for hide.
Nearby Words: hideous, hiding, hideously, hided
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Instance verb – To give as an example.
Hide is an antonym for instance in name topic.
Nearby Words: instant, instability, instantly, instanced, instantiation
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Similar words of hide
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Similar words of instance
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How words are described

best best hide best instance
similar similar hide similar instance
common common hide common instance
original original hide original instance
Other adjectives: entire, infamous, former, final, double, latter.

Common collocations

time hide time instance time

Both words in one sentence

  • In another instance, Superman goes missing and Supergirl winds up controlling several Superman-robots to hide the disappearance.
  • Literature / Eighth Doctor Adventures In the first instance, Fitz doesn't seem to be attempting to hide, but came across as shady nonetheless.
  • Bleep Dammit An instance where a work is censored so randomly or ineffectually that the attempted censorship doesn't hide anything and makes you, the viewer, wonder why they even bothered.
    Source: Bleep Dammit
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