Hissy fit and Scene

Hissy fit

Hissy fit noun - An outburst or display of excited anger.
Usage example: the demanding diva had a major hissy fit when she had to wait for her trailer to be ready

Scene and hissy fit are semantically related in temper topic. In some cases you can use "Scene" instead a noun phrase "Hissy fit".


Scene noun - An outburst or display of excited anger.
Usage example: please don't make a scene while we're at the restaurant
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Hissy fit and scene are semantically related in fuss topic. You can use "Hissy fit" instead a noun "Scene".

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Both terms in one sentence

  • Worthless Yellow Rocks In Princess Mononoke, there's a scene where a merchant throws a hissy fit when Ashitaka pays for his bag of rice with a small, yellow rock... At least until a passing monk notices and points out that it's a solid gold nugget, and that it's probably worth three times what she gave him.
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