Hit and Loss


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Hit noun – A person or thing that is successful.
Loss is an antonym for hit in topics: strike, entertainment success.
Nearby Word: hitting
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Loss noun – The act or an instance of not having or being able to find.
Hit is an antonym for loss.
Nearby Word: losing
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Similar words of hit
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Similar words of loss
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How words are described

low low hit low loss
single single hit single loss
small small hit small loss
actual actual hit actual loss
Other adjectives: real, severe, massive, big, great, serious, huge, bad, major, automatic, immediate, final, minor, fatal, significant, worst, last, greatest, recent, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Many players bemoan the loss of this card when Standard hit and it was still used as a measuring stick when creating Priest card, especially spells or buff.
  • Series / Allein gegen die Zeit Easy Amnesia: When one of the kids escapes the terrorists' grasp, she gets hit by a car, and suffers a loss of short-term memory, though thankfully for only an hour or so.
  • Raw 2009, due to the Signature / Finisher game mechanic and the fact that being hit with them in a row is a guaranteed loss.
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