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Holy adjective – Showing a devotion to God and to a life of virtue.
Usage example: the holy monk spent many hours on his knees in prayer

Spiritual is a synonym for holy in religion topic. In some cases you can use "Spiritual" instead an adjective "Holy", when it comes to topics like ethereal, religious, saintly. popular alternative
Nearby Word: holiness
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Spiritual adjective – Of, relating to, or used in the practice or worship services of a religion.
Usage example: spiritual songs that have been sung by generations of worshippers

Holy is a synonym for spiritual in religious topic. You can use "Holy" instead an adjective "Spiritual", if it concerns topics such as religion, ethereal, sacred. popular alternative
Nearby Words: spirit, spirited, spiritualistic, spirituality, spirituous
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Things that words describes

love holy love spiritual love
person holy person spiritual person
energy holy energy spiritual energy
power holy power spiritual power
Other nouns: people, quest, powers, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Lord High Priest in Dragon Quest VIII lives in a special residence on the Holy Isle of Neos and functions as the spiritual leader of the world's major religion.
    Source: High Priest
  • Dallet develops spiritual powers as he analyzes the holy name, one letter at a time.
  • Our Angels Are Different The Sternritter from Bleach can enter Quincy: Vollständig, giving them a halo and "holy wings" made of spiritual energy.
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