Honesty and Integrity


Honesty noun - Devotion to telling the truth.
Usage example: George Washington has gone down in history for his honesty

Integrity is a synonym for honesty in quality topic. In some cases you can use "Integrity" instead a noun "Honesty", when it comes to topics like ideal, goodness, uprightness, honest. popular alternative

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Integrity noun - Conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong.
Usage example: demonstrated that he was a man of integrity by taking full responsibility for his actions

Honesty is a synonym for integrity in ideal topic. You can use "Honesty" instead a noun "Integrity", if it concerns topics such as goodness, uprightness, honor, honest. popular alternative

How words are described

emotional emotional honesty emotional integrity
good good honesty good integrity
full full honesty full integrity
usual usual honesty usual integrity
Other adjectives: complete, poor, strong, great, little, absolute, artistic, personal, less, basic, academic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / You're The Worst For example, Jimmy acts like he's constantly Surrounded by Idiots, but it's only because he puts a very high premium on emotional honesty and integrity, which he believes is a rare quality.
  • Then he retracts his statement as prostitutes have more honesty and integrity than she does.
  • He believes in the value of honesty and integrity, for example, and he has no tolerance for children who behave violently to each other.
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