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Hook verb – Make off with belongings of others.
Sneak is a synonym for hook. In some cases you can use "Sneak" instead a verb "Hook".
Nearby Words: hooked, hookup, hooker, hooking, hooky
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Sneak verb – Make off with belongings of others.
Hook is a synonym for sneak. Sometimes you can use "Hook" instead a verb "Sneak".
Nearby Words: sneaky, sneaking, sneaked, sneaker
Synonyms for Sneak

How words are described

typical typical hook typical sneak
original original hook original sneak
obvious obvious hook obvious sneak
little little hook little sneak

Common collocations

bunch hook bunch sneak bunch
way hook way sneak way
enemies hook enemies sneak enemies

Both words in one sentence

  • Recap / Gravity Falls S 2 E 11 Not What He Seems At the same time, with his laptop synchronized to the time of the Portal's activation, Old Man McGucket decides to flee town before it's too late.Back at the Mystery Shack, the Twins use Mabel's Grappling-Hook Gun to break in and sneak in to Stan's office.
  • Terrible Interviewees Montage Cameos includes Vixen (whose power Cyborg finds lame, but it's her table manners that owe her a Vaudeville Hook), B'wana Beast (whose name has Cyborg in stitches, and whose power disgusts everyone), Detective Chimp (next!) and Beast Boy in drag trying to sneak back in.
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