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Huge adjective – Unusually large.
Usage example: the old stadium was replaced by a huge new one that seats 100,000 spectators

Small is an antonym for huge in topics: enormous, extremely large.
Nearby Words: hugely, hugeness
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Small adjective – Of a size that is less than average.
Usage example: a small cat who never weighed more than five pounds

Huge is an antonym for small in topics: little, quantity, unimportant, narrow-minded, great.
Nearby Word: smallish
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Similar words of huge
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Similar words of small
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Things that words describes

girl huge girl small girl
man huge man small man
role huge role small role
part huge part small part
Other nouns: problem, creature, area, amount, portion, number, army, step, example, size, hole, ship, numbers, breasts, amounts, fanbase.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Diddy Kong Racing There were codes to make characters huge or small, change the horn sounds to taunts, and other amusing things.
  • Air Jousting Neo and Smith in The Matrix: Path of Neo can both fly during the last levels, they mainly consist of either this trope in either a small or huge amount.
    Source: Air Jousting
  • Video Game / Red Alert 3: Paradox Mega Corp.: A massive alliance of corporations huge and small loosely "ruled" by a sort of super board of directors. N.G.O.
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