Hum and Sing


Hum verb - Sing with closed lips.
Usage example: She hummed a melody

Sing is a synonym for hum in buzz topic. In some cases you can use "Sing" instead the word "Hum" as a verb or a noun. popular alternative


Sing verb - To produce musical sounds with the voice.
Usage example: it's relatively rare to find actors who can also sing well
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Synonyms for Sing

Hum is a synonym for sing in sound topic. You can use "Hum" instead the word "Sing" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as make a buzzing sound. popular alternative

Nearby Words: singing, singer, singe, singed, singable

Common collocations

hymn hum hymn sing hymn
way hum way sing way
theme hum theme sing theme
words hum words sing words
Other words: music, blues, song, chant, tune, lullaby, notes, birthday, rhymes, songs, tunes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Sort of a cross between a Leitmotif and Arc Words, this is a short melodic fragment a character is aware of, and tends to hum or sing.
    Source: Dream Melody
  • Tubbs would hum or sing a selection from his album, "Living the Book of My Life", during a break in the action, although this was a rare occurrence.
  • Series / Boston Legal After prompting from Shirley, he proceeds to hum and sing along with the theme for the entire duration of the opening credits, much to Shirley's bemusement.
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