Human and Plant


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Human noun – A member of the human race.
Plant is an antonym for human in person topic.
Nearby Words: humane, humanity, humanely, humanism, humanistic
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Plant noun – A building or set of buildings for the manufacturing of goods.
Human is an antonym for plant.
Nearby Words: plan, planted, planter, plantation, planting
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Similar words of plant
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How words are described

old old human old plant
full full human full plant
particular particular human particular plant
normal normal human normal plant
Other adjectives: ordinary, complete, half, dead, single, poor, small, intelligent, powerful, actual, entire, real, tiny, beautiful, new, former, last, giant, mutated, humanoid, mutant.

Both words in one sentence

  • She wants to have a family on her terms, so she's locked up her husband and replaced him with a long series of plant/human hybrids using the professor's DNA.
  • Literature / Chaos Walking Thinking Out Loud: The omnipresent Noise, which is emitted by every living, non-plant thing on the plant, with the strange exception of human women, who emit silence instead.
  • This results in her technically coming back, but unfortunately she is in the body of a Godzilla/Human/Plant hybrid which also has a personality of her own that surfaces after an encounter with Godzilla...
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