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Idea noun – Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
Method and idea are semantically related. in plan topic. In some cases you can use "Method" instead a noun "Idea".
Nearby Words: ideal, ideation
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Method noun – The means or procedure for doing something.
Idea and method are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Idea" instead a noun "Method".
Nearby Words: methodical, methodize, methodically, methodic, Methodism
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How words are described

old old idea old method
good good idea good method
best best idea best method
exact exact idea exact method
Other adjectives: better, similar, common, specific, original, single, simple, popular, actual, real, dangerous, main, interesting, new, traditional, strange, basic, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • V knew that dealing with infernals was a bad idea, and they even offered an alternate method where the elf would owe them nothing.
  • Silly Rabbit, Romance Is for Kids! Initially delighted at the idea, Grim goes for a different method after Mandy explains her dilemma to him.
  • Twin Peaks uses this method to disguise the fact that it had no idea where it was going.
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