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Identify verb – To find out or establish the identity of.
Know is a synonym for identify in recognise topic. In some cases you can use "Know" instead a verb "Identify", when it comes to topics like recognize.
Nearby Words: identification, identity, identified, identifying, identifiable
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Know verb – To have a practical understanding of.
Identify is a synonym for know in recognize topic. You can use "Identify" instead a verb "Know", if it concerns topics such as recognise, be familiar with.
Nearby Words: knowing, known
Synonyms for Know

Common collocations

character identify character know character
man identify man know man
guy identify guy know guy
name identify name know name
Other nouns: someone, place, time, way, identity, location, song, anyone.

Both words in one sentence

  • When Silverstone asks how she knew, she explains that when Jett was born, she looked him in the eyes and knew that from thenceforth she'd always be able to know and identify him.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades You could end up with a human swordsmaster who can also practice stealth, pickpocket, recognize plants, identify magical items, disarm traps and know of to seduce a lady.
  • Just For Fun / You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When... You identify likely tropers that you know and deliberately use trope names around them to see if you get that little smiling glimmer of recognition.
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