Image and Icon


Image noun - A two-dimensional design intended to look like a person or thing.
Usage example: a cave with prehistoric images of wild animals

Icon is a synonym for image in representation topic. In some cases you can use "Icon" instead a noun "Image", when it comes to topics like idol, thing, figure, photo. popular alternative

Nearby Words: imaged, imaging, imagery


Icon noun - A visible representation of something abstract (as a quality).
Usage example: cites Marlene Dietrich as an icon of old-time Hollywood glamour
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Synonyms for Icon

Image is a synonym for icon in representation topic. You can use "Image" instead a noun "Icon", if it concerns topics such as thing, photo. popular alternative

Nearby Words: iconic, iconography, iconics

How words are described

old old image old icon
public public image public icon
original original image original icon
single single image single icon
Other adjectives: popular, small, little, main, famous, new, heroic, final, classic, different, recurring, giant, modern.
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