Imaginary and Real


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Imaginary adjective – Not real and existing only in the imagination.
Usage example: told by the psychologist that it was perfectly normal for their child to have an imaginary friend

Real is an antonym for imaginary in topics: fictional, fictitious.
Nearby Words: imagination, imaginative
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Real adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: asked her parents if the Tooth Fairy was real

Imaginary is an antonym for real in topics: genuine, unreal, genuine in existence.
Nearby Words: realize, realise, reality, realistic, really
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Similar words of imaginary
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Similar words of real
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Things that words describes

friend imaginary friend real friend
power imaginary power real power
woman imaginary woman real woman
people imaginary people real people
Other nouns: family, place, characters, personality, world, game, story, monster, version, gun, events, guns, problems, animals, adventures.

Both words in one sentence

  • People with the condition can become obsessed with a minor physical flaw, either real or imaginary, and believe they have a serious deformity.
  • In Kodomo no Jikan, despite all Reiji's faults, when Rin is in any danger, real or imaginary, he really freaks out.
  • Pretty Freeloaders Masakis' financial problems, whether real or imaginary, are little more than Masquerade, as their family is actually much richer than the Kuramitsu clan.
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