Immortal and Perpetual


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Immortal adjective – Lasting forever.
Usage example: the age-old quest for immortal fame

Perpetual is a synonym for immortal in undying topic. In some cases you can use "Perpetual" instead an adjective "Immortal", when it comes to topics like continue, eternal, ageless, death-defying. popular alternative
Nearby Words: immortality, immortalize, immortalization, immortalise, immortally
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Perpetual adjective – Going on and on without any interruptions.
Usage example: the perpetual rise and fall of the sea

Immortal is a synonym for perpetual in everlasting topic. You can use "Immortal" instead an adjective "Perpetual", if it concerns topics such as continue, continual, eternal, ageless. popular alternative
Nearby Words: perpetuation, perpetuate, perpetually, perpetuity
Synonyms for Perpetual

Things that words describes

status immortal status perpetual status
machine immortal machine perpetual machine
child immortal child perpetual child
enemies immortal enemies perpetual enemies

Both words in one sentence

  • Jerkass / Video Games The worse news is that Yuna intended to use her immortal body as a sort of perpetual sacrifice, ritualistically torturing her over and over in order to power a hex-firing supergun.
  • It thoroughly explores the consequences of law-unto-themselves immortal demigods waging perpetual war both between themselves and with the other, less gifted denizens of the universe.
  • Comic Book / Marvel Zombies Perpetual-Motion Monster: Reed Richards discovered that the zombies are basically immortal.
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