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Implant verb – To set permanently in the consciousness or mind-set.
Usage example: a music teacher who strove to implant within his students a love of the classics

Plant is a synonym for implant in attach topic. In some cases you can use "Plant" instead a verb "Implant", when it comes to topics like insert, instil. popular alternative
Nearby Words: implanted, implantation, implanting
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Plant verb – To set permanently in the consciousness or mind-set.
Usage example: a profound respect for Mother Nature that had been planted by long experience with hurricanes

Implant is a synonym for plant in attach topic. You can use "Implant" instead a verb "Plant", if it concerns topics such as seed, sow, put in the ground for growing. popular alternative
Nearby Words: plan, planted, planter, plantation, planting
Synonyms for Plant

How words are described

expensive expensive implant expensive plant
special special implant special plant
common common implant common plant
alien alien implant alien plant
Other adjectives: single, small, actual, large, little, new, strange, last, magical, exploding, electrical.

Common collocations

device implant device plant device
devices implant devices plant devices
idea implant idea plant idea
bomb implant bomb plant bomb
Other nouns: information, suggestion, code, chip, bug, grenade, version, microphone, ideas, cameras.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Avatar Every native plant is part of a natural internet, every animal has a natural brain implant, and every sapient native has a brain implant that overpowers the will of any native creature, allowing them to be controlled and allowing the Na'vi to tap into their planet's natural plant internet.
    Source: Film / Avatar
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