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Importance noun – The quality or state of being important.
Usage example: a final exam has great importance

Value is a synonym for importance in significance topic. In some cases you can use "Value" instead the word "Importance" as a noun or an adjective or a verb, when it comes to topics like quality, distinction, worth, magnitude. popular alternative
Nearby Words: important, import, importing, importantly, importation
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Value noun – The relative usefulness or importance of something as judged by specific qualities.
Usage example: the value of a good education cannot be overstated

Importance is a synonym for value in quality topic. You can use "Importance" instead the word "Value" as a noun or a verb or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as distinction, merit, worth, significance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: valuing, valuable, valueless, valued, valuation
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How words are described

good good importance good value
high high importance high value
low low importance low value
equal equal importance equal value
Other adjectives: sentimental, particular, symbolic, specific, true, relative, sheer, actual, real, great, little, less, military, significant, highest, greater, higher, cultural, strategic, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Used Future The titular space station Deep Space Nine was like this early on, as the Cardassians had stripped and/or sabotaged everything of value and importance and then some.
    Source: Used Future
  • Later on, Elphelt, Sin, and oddly enough Bedman successfully convince her of the importance of emotions and the value of individuals.
  • Film / Demolition Man San Angeles is a place where attempting not to offend anybody and maintaining civil, peaceful coexistence has arguably usurped the value of life in importance.
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