Impression and Idea


Impression noun - Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
Usage example: had a vague impression that the guide would be female

Idea is a synonym for impression in notion topic. In some cases you can use "Idea" instead a noun "Impression", when it comes to topics like mental condition, indication, thoughts. popular alternative


Idea noun - Something imagined or pictured in the mind.
Usage example: my idea of the perfect vacation spot is an uncrowded, unspoiled beach

Impression is a synonym for idea in feeling topic. You can use "Impression" instead a noun "Idea", if it concerns topics such as notion, understanding, sense, mental condition. popular alternative

Nearby Words: ideal, ideation

How words are described

good good impression good idea
best best impression best idea
better better impression better idea
similar similar impression similar idea
Other adjectives: original, initial, poor, brilliant, real, big, great, wrong, bad, false, terrible, horrible, excellent, decent, interesting, vague, silly, general, mistaken, worst, different, overall.
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