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Impression noun – A perceptible trace left by pressure.
View is a synonym for impression in feeling topic. In some cases you can use "View" instead a noun "Impression", when it comes to topics like opinion, idea.
Nearby Words: impress, impressive, imprint, impressed, impressionable
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View noun – An idea that is believed to be true or valid without positive knowledge.
Usage example: that's one view, but I happen to disagree

Impression is a synonym for view in belief topic. You can use "Impression" instead a noun "View", if it concerns topics such as opinion.
Nearby Words: viewpoint, viewed, viewing, viewer, viewable
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How words are described

good good impression good view
best best impression best view
better better impression better view
similar similar impression similar view
Other adjectives: brief, public, positive, perfect, complete, accurate, great, wonderful, interesting, general, negative, last, different, overall.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comicbook / The Man of Steel Told from Lois Lane's point of view as she attempts to get the first interview with Metropolis' new superhero (and gets a bad first impression of new colleague Clark Kent).
  • You do get the distinct impression that if she was raised by any species except wolves, the series would be wildly altered, and she and Blind Seer have a very nonhuman view of pretty much everything.
    Source: Xenofiction
  • Video Game / Resident Evil – Code: Veronica The novel explains it by giving Alexia psychic powers (to the point that the narration from her point of view really gives the impression of her being omnipotent).
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