Inability and Knowledge


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Inability noun – The lack of sufficient ability, power, or means.
Knowledge is an antonym for inability.
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Knowledge noun – A body of facts learned by study or experience.
Inability is an antonym for knowledge in information topic.
Nearby Word: knowledgeable
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Similar words of inability
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Similar words of knowledge
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How words are described

human human inability human knowledge
good good inability good knowledge
deep deep inability deep knowledge
real real inability real knowledge
Other adjectives: new, general, limited, modern.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Ghost Trick The Ending Changes Everything: The ending reveals that Sissel is actually Yomiel's pet cat, thus explaining Sissel's lack of knowledge on certain human things and inability to read.
  • The other weakness was the inability to provide a believable explanation for his knowledge or skills to anyone who wasn't in the know.
  • Heel Realization His inability to save her made him realize that for all that he knew for the sake of taking lives, he never used his knowledge to help people.
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