Inappropriate and Proper


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Inappropriate adjective – Not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation.
Usage example: a bathing suit is inappropriate dress for strolling the streets of this seaside village

Proper is an antonym for inappropriate in topics: unsuitable, suitable.
Nearby Word: inappropriately
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Proper adjective – Following the established traditions of refined society and good taste.
Usage example: the formal ball called for proper attire—tuxedos and full-length gowns only

Inappropriate is an antonym for proper in topics: correct, suitable.
Nearby Words: property, properly
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Things that words describes

sense inappropriate sense proper sense
response inappropriate response proper response
attire inappropriate attire proper attire
word inappropriate word proper word
Other nouns: name, relationship, place, term, time, use, way, example, language, title, usage, behavior, names, ways, places.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / COPS Mainframe is explicitly shown interfering with the proper operation of a vehicle and committing inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace.
  • Totally Radical In 1995, CompuServe released "Internet In A Box For Kids." It was basically the grown-up version "Internet In A Box," except with a videotape on proper internet usage along with an internet monitoring software program for parents to block sites they deemed inappropriate for their children.
  • If it is a trope that would never occur in Friendship Is Magic proper (due to not fitting the genre, being inappropriate for the intended demographic, etc.), it will be present in Fan Fiction for the series.
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