Inconspicuous and Obvious


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Inconspicuous adjective – Not readily seen or noticed.
Usage example: left an inconspicuous scratch on the wall

Obvious is an antonym for inconspicuous in unobtrusive topic.
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Obvious adjective – Very noticeable especially for being incorrect or bad.
Usage example: obvious errors in the book that the editor or proofreader should have caught

Inconspicuous is an antonym for obvious in topics: clear, apparent.
Nearby Words: obviously, obviousness
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Similar words of inconspicuous
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Similar words of obvious
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Things that words describes

sign inconspicuous sign obvious sign
way inconspicuous way obvious way
solution inconspicuous solution obvious solution
ways inconspicuous ways obvious ways
Other nouns: places.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Veronica Mars Sometimes this is played with, though—when Veronica is dealing with particularly savvy characters, she plants two bugs, an obvious one that they find right away and a more inconspicuous one that they don't bother looking for because they think they've already found the bug.
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