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Increase verb – To make greater in size, amount, or number.
Usage example: we have to increase the number of season-ticket holders if the local sports franchise is to survive

Lower is an antonym for increase in topics: decline, add or grow.
Nearby Words: increased, increasing, increment, increasingly, incremental
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Lower verb – To go to a lower level especially abruptly.
Usage example: prices of the new type of televisions lowered considerably as competition and sales increased

Increase is an antonym for lower in topics: lessen, reduce, fall, belittle.
Nearby Words: lowered, lowering, lowermost, lowercase
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Common collocations

quality increase quality lower quality
reputation increase reputation lower reputation
amount increase amount lower amount
chance increase chance lower chance
Other nouns: odds, weight, bar, resistance, meter, defense, points, chances, stat, stats.

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