Increase and Swelling


Increase noun - Something added (as by growth).

Swelling is a synonym for increase in addition topic. In some cases you can use "Swelling" instead a noun "Increase", when it comes to topics like growth.


Swelling noun - A small rounded mass of swollen tissue.
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Synonyms for Swelling

Increase is a synonym for swelling in lump topic. Sometimes you can use "Increase" instead the word "Swelling" as a noun or a verb.

Nearby Word: swell

How words are described

visible visible increase visible swelling
massive massive increase massive swelling
slight slight increase slight swelling
minor minor increase minor swelling
Other adjectives: sudden, resulting.

Both words in one sentence

  • Unfortunately, in spite of the massive speed increase, this has a much bigger backlash on his body than when he used it against Vegeta since he combined it with a form that already drains energy steadily, resulting in his muscles violently swelling and constricting.
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