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Incursion noun – A sudden attack on and entrance into hostile territory.
Usage example: there were incursions from the border every summer

Raid is a synonym for incursion in attack topic. In some cases you can use "Raid" instead a noun "Incursion", when it comes to topics like conflict, invasion, foray. popular alternative
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Raid noun – A sudden attack on and entrance into hostile territory.
Usage example: repeated Viking raids wore down the defenses of the seaside village

Incursion is a synonym for raid in attack topic. You can use "Incursion" instead a noun "Raid", if it concerns topics such as conflict, surprise attack. popular alternative
Nearby Words: raided, raider, raiding
Synonyms for Raid

How words are described

full full incursion full raid
barbarian barbarian incursion barbarian raid
small small incursion small raid
actual actual incursion actual raid
Other adjectives: successful, massive, terrible, major, final, military, next, impending, last, latest, occasional, recent, attempted, armed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Difficulty Spike The Sansha Incursion rats behave the same as the Sleepers too, except they can be considered an end-game raid instance, particularly if it's an "Ouroboros" instance, where it can take as many as up to 50 players with top-shelf ships, modules and leadership.
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