Indifference and Neglect


Indifference noun - Lack of interest or concern.

Neglect is a synonym for indifference in state topic. In some cases you can use "Neglect" instead a noun "Indifference".

Nearby Words: indifferent, indifferently


Neglect noun - The state of being unattended to or not cared for.

Indifference is a synonym for neglect in state topic. Sometimes you can use "Indifference" instead a noun "Neglect", if it concerns topics such as disregard.

How words are described

utter utter indifference utter neglect
total total indifference total neglect
sheer sheer indifference sheer neglect
extreme extreme indifference extreme neglect
Other adjectives: serious, social, general, apparent, casual, outright, subsequent, said, bureaucratic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Mary grew up with nothing but neglect and indifference from her parents, and ends up as a dysfunctional sour girl who no one likes.
  • Film / We Need to Talk About Kevin There is evidence to support both cases, but Kevin's indifference (and even admiration) toward Eva's neglect strongly suggests it's the latter, but there's hints to the former as well.
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