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Informant noun – A person who supplies information.
Source is a synonym for informant in informer topic. In some cases you can use "Source" instead a noun "Informant". popular alternative
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Source noun – A person who supplies information.
Informant is a synonym for source in reference topic. You can use "Informant" instead a noun "Source", if it concerns topics such as beginning. popular alternative
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  • Room Full of Crazy The books become filled with his comments in the margins, mad sketches, attempts to find numerical codes in the passages, his conversations with a dead informant, and mirrored or backwards text that is subtly different from the source.
  • Webcomic / Planescape Survival Guide Also, according to the Mysterious Informant in the Prologue, Cyric - the patron God of all the Psychos For Hire - is apparently also dead, and their powers are being provided by another source probably Jergal.
  • Compare with the Mysterious Informant (an anonymous Deep Throat-like source who appears to give the protagonists some cryptic, fragmentary information before disappearing) and the Knowledge Broker (a source with a network of further information sources supplying all the information needed).
    Source: The Rat
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