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Information noun – A report of recent events or facts not previously known.
Usage example: what's the latest information about the wildfires out in the West?

Word is a synonym for information in facts topic. In some cases you can use "Word" instead a noun "Information", when it comes to topics like report, news. popular alternative
Nearby Words: inform, informal, informed, informer, informative
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Word noun – A report of recent events or facts not previously known.
Usage example: what's the latest word on the airplane crash?

Information is a synonym for word in report topic. You can use "Information" instead a noun "Word", if it concerns topics such as statement, news. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wordy, wordless, wording, worded, wordily
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How words are described

good good information good word
specific specific information specific word
right right information right word
certain certain information certain word
Other adjectives: correct, actual, real, obscure, wrong, little, bad, important, secret, key, new, official, random, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden Information Wants to Be Free: A reporter is upset after receiving word that she needs to report the mysterious deaths done by Foot ninjas as emigrations abroad.
  • Memetic Mutation The Trope Namer (for the word meme) is Richard Dawkins, who suggested a Mind Virus-like model of society: that cultural information is inherited and reproduced, occasionally with minor mutations, in a similar way to genetic information.
  • It Is Pronounced Tro-PAY The word "meme" mentioned above is typically pronounced "meem"—which makes sense given its purpose (to transmit ideas and belief information, as genes transmit biological information).
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