Innate and Learned


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Innate adjective – Not established by conditioning or learning.
Learned is an antonym for innate in topics: inborn, inherited.
Nearby Word: innately
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Learned adjective – Established by conditioning or learning.
Innate is an antonym for learned.
Nearby Words: learn, learning, learner, learnedly, learnt
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Things that words describes

knowledge innate knowledge learned knowledge
bonus innate bonus learned bonus
laws innate laws learned laws

Both words in one sentence

  • Unwitting Pawn: Amara is one in Severo's plan to see if knowledge of God is innate or learned, and while Severo is not the villain, the plan ends up causing Palinor to be executed.
  • He has other innate abilities, and most psi users' abilities are inborn, but this one has to be learned and expressed mathematically.
  • Literature / The Dragon Below Possibly subverted, given that as a dragon his abilities are innate, rather than learned.
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