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Inside adjective – Situated farther in.
Usage example: chose the inside lane to run around the track

Outer is an antonym for inside in topics: inner, interior, secret.
Nearby Word: insider
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Outer adjective – Situated on the outside or farther out.
Usage example: the outer edge of the blade of your figure skate always wears out faster than the inner because you use it more

Inside is an antonym for outer in external topic.
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Similar words of inside
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Similar words of outer
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Things that words describes

part inside part outer part
appearance inside appearance outer appearance
form inside form outer form
wall inside wall outer wall
Other nouns: world, edge, door, surface, version, jacket, edges, walls, cities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Inside Out Bigger on the Inside: The film crew even remarked that they had done both ocean and outer space before, but the human brain proved to be the biggest of all.
  • A bunch of claymation dogs and their adventures through time, outer-space, 'inside brains'...
    Source: Widget Series
  • Taken for Granite It calcifies the outer layer of your body, then happily pecks a hole in you and eats what's inside.
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