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Inside adverb – With respect to private feelings.
Outwardly is an antonym for inside.
Nearby Word: insider
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Outwardly adverb – In outward appearance.
Usage example: outwardly, she appeared composed

Inside is an antonym for outwardly in to all appearances topic.
Nearby Words: outward, outwards, outwardness
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  • This extends to some beliefs that demons look exactly like the winged angels that they used to be; having only changed inside when they fell, not outwardly.
  • Literature / A Singular Destiny Outwardly the only difference between Zaldans and humans is the slight webbing on the former's hands and feet; inside, though, they're arranged quite differently.
  • Fanfic / Children of an Elder God Humanoid Abomination: Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Touji, Hikari and Anna are outwardly human-like... but the dead elder gods live inside them.
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