Instance and Obscure


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Instance verb – To show or make clear by using examples.
Usage example: instanced the hero's moral courage with several examples from the novel

Obscure is an antonym for instance.
Nearby Words: instant, instability, instantly, instanced, instantiation
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Obscure verb – To keep secret or shut off from view.
Instance is an antonym for obscure.
Nearby Words: obscured, obscurity, obscurely, obscuring, obscuration
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  • Author Vocabulary Calendar It uses the same obscure abbreviations (q.v.), british spelling, the archaic Old English ligture æ even in places where it makes no sense, and the author apparently used search and replace to replace every instance of "between" with "betwixt".
  • And some of them require counterintuitive thinking (Guillo's Yin and Yang-based combos, for instance) or are so obscure you'd never think of them (one of Milly's most devastating combos requires using only Rabbit Dash + Swallowtail on a knocked-down enemy).
  • Super Mario World uses this on the world map screen, which causes, for instance, the peak of Yoshi's Island to obscure a small corner of the unconnected Donut Plains.
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