Instrument and Means


Instrument noun - Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: he sees scouting as an instrument for building character in young people
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Synonyms for Instrument

Means is a synonym for instrument in agent topic. In some cases you can use "Means" instead a noun "Instrument", when it comes to topics like agency. popular alternative


Means noun - How a result is obtained or an end is achieved.
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Synonyms for Means

Instrument is a synonym for means in method topic. You can use "Instrument" instead a noun "Means", if it concerns topics such as way, agency. popular alternative

Nearby Words: mean, meaning

How words are described

human human instrument human means
preferred preferred instrument preferred means
good good instrument good means
similar similar instrument similar means
Other adjectives: common, certain, many, popular, actual, real, little, main, necessary, new, sole, traditional, primary, different, available, scientific, financial, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Angel Beats! Otonashi means "no sound", Yuzuru means "to string" an instrument, and "Kanade" could be read as "playing" an instrument.
  • Scotireland This means that it's easier to write melodic sounding "Scottish bagpipe" music using an Irish instrument.
    Source: Scotireland
  • Video Game / Rock Band This means that even though an instrument may have a very high difficulty, it may not have many notes.
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