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Intentional adjective – Made, given, or done with full awareness of what one is doing.
Usage example: I'm fairly sure that your “accidental” cutting down of my rosebush was really intentional

Premeditated is a synonym for intentional in deliberate topic. In some cases you can use "Premeditated" instead an adjective "Intentional", when it comes to topics like purpose, willful, purposeful, wilful. popular alternative
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Premeditated adjective – Characterized by deliberate purpose and some degree of planning.
Intentional is a synonym for premeditated in planned topic. You can use "Intentional" instead an adjective "Premeditated", if it concerns topics such as purpose, willful, deliberate, purposeful. popular alternative
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Things that words describes

attempt intentional attempt premeditated attempt
murder intentional murder premeditated murder
act intentional act premeditated act
overdose intentional overdose premeditated overdose

Both words in one sentence

  • Clearly, someone who uses it to commit a murder is committing intentional and premeditated murder; it's hard to argue otherwise.
  • For example, the surgeon was drunk, so the deaths he caused under the influence weren't intentional or premeditated, and thus considered not as worthy of retribution as say, the nanny who let the child in her charge drown so that her lover would receive the lion's share of an inheritance.
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