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Interrogate verb – To put a question or questions to.
Usage example: interrogated him about where he'd gone the night before

Question is a synonym for interrogate in ask topic. In some cases you can use "Question" instead the word "Interrogate" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like inquire, ask pointed questions. popular alternative
Nearby Words: interrogation, interrogatory, interrogative, interrogator, interrogating
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Question verb – To put a question or questions to.
Usage example: the press should be allowed to question public officials about any matter of general interest

Interrogate is a synonym for question in ask topic. You can use "Interrogate" instead the word "Question" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as inquire, ask for answer. popular alternative
Nearby Words: questionable, questioning, quest, questioned, questioner
Synonyms for Question

Common collocations

person interrogate person question person
character interrogate character question character
man interrogate man question man
witness interrogate witness question witness
Other nouns: relationship, someone, way, suspect, witnesses, suspects.

Both words in one sentence

  • Although some of the people they question and interrogate are bad people, the film often shows the corruption and willingness to break the rules of the two main characters.
  • Also, Harvey Dent, shortly after "snapping" and trying to interrogate Sal Maroni, replied to Maroni's question about whether he'd let him go if he told him the other cop.
  • Film / Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Ask a Stupid Question...: When Travis Dane and his mercenaries interrupt the two lovebird officials they need to interrogate to activate the Kill Sat, Dane mocks them for their office romance, leading to this:David Trilling: Is that what this is about?
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